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Winter Hazards: Ways To Reduce Potential Winter Dangers


Winter can be a magical time. But with all the extra heat sources in your home, it can also be dangerous. Here are three ways you can protect your home in Hampton, Virginia, from potential winter dangers:

Heat Carefully

From candles and fireplaces to space heaters, you have several heat sources to choose from as the temperatures dips. Many of these are energy-efficient alternatives to blasting your heating system all day. Plus, they can make your home seem extra cozy.

With all these benefits, though, come some serious drawbacks. Always be aware of where your heat sources are, and keep other items — especially flammable ones — away from them. Extinguish any flames or turn off the power to heat sources when you leave a room.

Remove Dust

Dust is surprisingly flammable. Dust buildup in your ductwork can pose dangers to you and your family. As your heater kicks on, that hot air moves over and around the fine dust particles, which can spark a fire in rare cases. More often, dust buildup leads to unpleasant smells when the heat hits it, caused by the particles burning up in the air.

To avoid odors and potential fire risk, have your ductwork cleaned before winter sets in, especially if you notice dust in your vents and a heavy coating on your filter. As a result, you’ll also help maintain healthy indoor air quality.

Check Batteries

Finally, carbon monoxide poisoning is a real danger during winter. It can build up from burning wood or fuel in places that aren’t ventilated properly. It can be caused by fireplaces or even your gas-burning furnace.

To keep you and your family safe, make sure you regularly test and change the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors when needed. If you don’t have detectors, purchase some to help prevent poisoning. As a result, you’ll keep your family safe during the holidays and beyond.

At Kearney & Sons, we can help ensure your heating system is safe this winter season. Give us a call at (757) 269-9589 to set up an appointment today.

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