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Are You Begging for a Duct Cleaning? 3 Easy Indicators

Are you concerned that your ducts might need cleaning? For most homeowners, it’s not easy to know for sure. The ducts are usually inaccessible, tucked away and out of sight. So what are the signs that a duct cleaning might be in order?

Warning Signs a Duct Cleaning Is Needed

  • Vermin infestation – If you hear scratching sounds, smell unpleasant odors coming from your vents or find that insects or rodents have gained entry through a hole or gap into the ductwork, it’s time for a cleaning. Besides being unsanitary, insect or rodent nests also obstruct airflow.
  • Dust or debris – When ducts are clogged with substantial dust or debris from your home, they may need cleaning to help keep your indoor air quality under control. If dirt and debris are entering the ductwork, building up an creating an obstruction, it should be removed. If you get a puff of dust whenever the system comes on, that’s a sign it’s time for cleaning. Ducts can also become dirty or dusty during construction or renovation.
  • Mold – You may suspect the presence of mold by smell rather than sight, although it’s possible you may see mold around vents. Duct cleaning experts have cameras to inspect ducts for problems such as mold, but you may want to have suspected mold tested in a laboratory to make sure that’s what it is.

Before any cleaning takes place, address the problem that allowed dirt, vermin or mold into the ducts. Ductwork should be tightly sealed with mastic and metal-backed tape. If there are rips or holes in the metal, they should be repaired. Insulation around ducts that has gotten wet or moldy should also be replaced.

Learn more about Kearney and Sons Heating and Air Conditioning’s duct cleaning services, or give us a call at (757) 269-9589 to schedule a visit by our experienced professionals!

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