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Simple Ways to Eliminate Energy Waste and Optimize Heating Efficiency

As we continue to deal with constantly changing winter weather in Williamsburg, Virginia, we have to do everything possible to keep indoor comfort consistent. Managing indoor comfort can be a challenge when within a two-week period you’re faced with a snow storm, mild weather and warm temperatures. We can help you to make the right choices so you can avoid energy waste as you try to optimize your heating output.

The Small But Mighty Filter

If you scheduled preventive maintenance before the start of the season, you should be in good shape. However, as the season continues, there are tasks you need to undertake to ensure your heater continues to deliver. Changing the air filter can make a big difference in HVAC performance. A clogged filter inhibits airflow and causes your heater to work harder to get air through the ductwork. The extra effort means more energy is consumed. Keep your utility bills from increasing and your indoor air quality from falling with a quick and easy filter change.

Seal Air Leaks

Air leaks can make it difficult for your heater to provide the warmth your family needs. Imagine cold air seeping in around windows and under doors. That just creates more work for your heater. Stop these sources of energy waste with weatherstripping or caulking. These materials can be easily found at your local hardware or home improvement stores. They are inexpensive but do a great job of getting rid of air leaks.

Use Your Thermostat Wisely

The thermostat should not compensate for our choice of outfits — only for the change in weather. Dressing the same way throughout the season can affect your heating choices. Of course, you want to be comfortable at home, but the sun dress or shorts you wore while it was warm aren’t good choices when then the temperature drops. Dress as the weather dictates so you won’t be forced to constantly adjust the thermostat. Keep the sweaters and thicker bedding on hand until the cold weather season is officially over.

If you’re finding it difficult to heat your home and see your energy bills rising, contact the experts and Kearney and Sons, Inc. today at (757) 269-9589. Our experienced technicians understand what it takes to guarantee heating efficiency in the Hampton Roads area.

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