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Why is My Furnace Running Constantly?


Cold temperatures in Poquoson, Virginia, make your furnace run more than usual. If it runs non-stop, the motor will wear out. To prevent your furnace from running non-stop and wearing down the motor, you need to find the underlying causes and get them fixed as soon as possible. Here are some reasons your furnace might be running constantly:

Wrong Furnace Size

To keep your home comfortable, you need a heating system that’s the correct size for it. If the unit is too small, it won’t provide adequate heat. If it’s too big, it’ll short cycle. Stopping this needless cycle will increase your furnace’s longevity and lower your energy bill.

Incorrectly Thermostat Setting

If you have set the thermostat to the On position, the furnace will run constantly and keep pushing heated and unheated air out of the vents. You can resolve this issue by setting it to Auto instead. This can offer you more savings in the long run. I

f you’re getting non-stop hot air from the vents, it’s an indication that the burners won’t turn off. This occurs when you set the thermostat temperature too high, forcing the furnace to run constantly on cold nights to keep up. Lowering the thermostat temperature may help.

Restricted Airflow

If the air filter becomes clogged, it’ll restrict the airflow. As a result, the heat exchanger will get very hot. Consequently, the furnace will go into a cool down mode and run non-stop. You should also check if the ductwork is faulty. Damaged and leaking ducts can also restrict the airflow.

To understand exactly why your furnace runs constantly, it’s best to consult a professional HVAC service technician. Call Kearney & Sons at (757) 269-9589 to resolve the issue. We’re happy to help you optimize your home heating for efficiency and savings this winter.

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