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3 Easy Ways to Cut Utility Costs


If your utility bills at your Yorktown, Virginia, home are steadily increasing, you may be looking for a solution that helps you cut costs. Spending hundreds of dollars every month on utilities isn’t appealing to anyone. But becoming the keeper of the light switches probably isn’t all that appealing, either. These simple tips can help you reduce your utility bills each month without requiring too much sacrifice.

Look For Items to Unplug

When you get home from work tonight, take a walk through your house and look for appliances and electronics you don’t really use. Even when they’re not on, these devices still draw power whenever they’re connected to a plug. Therefore, it’s smart to just unplug them. Neither the treadmill that is collecting dust nor the toaster oven you use once a month needs to stay connected at all times.

Find Alternative Options for Heating and Cooling

Instead of bumping the thermostat up every time it gets chilly outside, look for ways to warm up that don’t require as much electricity or gas. Keep blankets and socks near sitting areas, put on a sweatshirt when you’re at home, or do an at-home workout to get warm. When it’s warmer outside, options such as opening windows for a nighttime breeze or running fans are good alternatives to keeping the air conditioner going.

Have the Ducts Cleaned

The ducts that move air from the heating or cooling system tend to accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, hair, pet dander, and other debris over time. When there is too much stuff in the system, the air can’t move freely, leading to decreased efficiency. Your system has to work harder to cool or heat and move the air, causing it to stay on longer and waste more energy. A duct cleaning service will clear out any debris within your heating and cooling systems, and you’ll likely see an instant improvement on your utility bills.

If you have questions about duct cleaning or other ways to improve efficiency, call us at Kearney & Sons at (757) 269-9589.

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