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Why Your Basement and Crawl Space Need Ventilation

Areas of a home that are below ground level can be affected by a variety of problems as a result of poor ventilation. Problems include poor indoor air quality, and difficulty managing humidity levels and temperature in your Hampton, Virginia home. You can provide much-needed air to these areas so that you can enjoy a more comfortable home all year long.

The Role Ventilation Plays in Indoor Air Quality

When a basement or crawlspace lacks ventilation, then the air becomes stale, and collects odors and particulates. This affects the indoor air quality not just in the basement or crawlspace, but throughout your entire house. If you spend any time in the basement area or store any items in that space, there is a risk of health problems for you, as well as damage to items stored in the area.

Ventilation and Moisture Control

The basement or crawlspace also plays an important role in the amount of humidity in the living spaces of your home. Without adequate air circulation, the moisture from the soil can seep into other areas of the home. High indoor humidity is not just uncomfortable, it also encourages the growth of mold and mildew. It may also cause wood to warp or rot and even affect the cycle of your air conditioning system. Improving the ventilation in the basement or crawlspace will allow you more control over moisture levels throughout your home.

Improving Basement or Crawlspace Ventilation

Improving basement or crawlspace ventilation doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking:

  • Ventilators – Installing a ventilator that works in conjunction with your home heating and cooling system allows for improved circulation and purification of your indoor air.

  • Whole-house fans and the fans built into the heating and cooling system can also move air without heating or cooling it.

  • Dehumidifiers – These come in standalone and built-in options. They have the dual function of reducing indoor moisture levels while also circulating the air with a small fan.

A well-ventilated basement or crawlspace improves the energy efficiency, health, and comfort level in your home. Ventilators, fans, and dehumidifiers can also help to lower your monthly utility costs. For more information about basement or crawlspace ventilation, or any HVAC concern, contact Kearney & Sons, Inc. today at (757) 269-9589.

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