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When to Repair or Replace Your Geothermal Heat Pump in Mathews, VA

Geothermal Heat Pump Installation

When you notice certain signs while using a geothermal heat pump, the equipment may require repairs. If repairs aren’t possible, you’ll probably need to replace key hardware or the entire system. This guide lists common signs that indicate it’s time to either call for repairs or opt for a replacement in Mathews, VA.

Temperature Inconsistencies

A geothermal heat pump produces hot air by pulling heat from the soil beneath the Earth’s surface. Typically, the ground is a very consistent heat source for a geothermal pump.

If you ever discover any heating inconsistencies, the heat pump is probably about to fail. In this situation, you can restore the equipment’s ability to produce consistent heat by seeking repair services for a malfunctioning component. A defective motor, frosty coils or a wiring issue can cause a temperature inconsistency.

Energy Bill Spikes

All geothermal heat pumps have energy-efficient hardware, so if your energy bill rises every time you use the heat pump, it has a mechanical problem. To make a geothermal pump energy efficient again, a service technician will have to replace or repair the refrigerant coil or the compressor.

Humidity Problems

Whenever a geothermal pump cools a home, its hardware strategically manages the humidity. If a geothermal pump requires repairs, the space will feel stuffy. This happens when the equipment has one of these:

  • A refrigerant leak.
  • Staging problems.
  • Airflow restrictions.

Odd Sounds

Shortly after a geothermal pump powers up, its compressor will produce a noticeable sound, which is normal. If you hear a constant grinding noise while the unit heats or cools your home, you’ll need to schedule repairs.

Grinding sounds occur when a geothermal pump has a damaged mechanism. You must schedule repairs immediately after you hear odd sounds. If you ignore grinding sounds, you’ll need replacement hardware because key components will completely fail.

Whenever you need to repair or replace a geothermal heat pump, contact Kearney & Sons. We also offer maintenance service for geothermal systems.

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