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Is Spring the Best Time to Schedule HVAC Maintenance?

HVAC Maintenance

During the later weeks of spring, the heat can feel intolerable, and air conditioning becomes necessary. To ensure that your HVAC unit won’t fail you when you need it most, you must tune it up regularly. Here’s why spring is the best time to schedule HVAC maintenance in Middlesex County, VA.

Enjoy Long-Term Cooling Efficiency

When you keep adjusting your thermostat to remain cool, you might use more energy than necessary, incurring higher cooling costs. Get a professional to test and service your air conditioner to save money and ensure it runs at maximum efficiency in the long run. A spring tuneup saves you money on electricity during the cooling season.

Improve Your HVAC System’s Performance

A well-maintained air conditioner operates smoothly and efficiently, providing more cooling power. A routine HVAC system tuneup ensures that the system’s outside coils are clean and clear of debris and that all components can withstand the heat of spring and summer.

Decrease Repairs and Replacements

How do you keep your air conditioner running without having to replace it? Regular air conditioning service and maintenance will make your system run smoothly and last longer. Have a professional do it at least once a year. You’ll also save money by avoiding costly premature replacements.

Fix Operating Issues Early

During the winter, your air conditioner sits idle. You might not realize how those months of inactivity impact your AC system, but they do. It’ll show when you first turn on your air conditioner during spring.

You may have clogged ductwork, dirty air filters or compressor failures. By scheduling a tuneup in the spring, you can prevent any downtime during the upcoming summer heat.

Kearney & Sons provides preventative HVAC maintenance for commercial and residential properties. Our top priority is to keep our customers comfortable all year round. Contact us today for indoor air quality and air conditioning repair.

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