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3 Signs You Have a Bad AC Sensor in Hampton, VA

Air Conditioner With Bad AC Sensor

The sensor in your home’s air conditioner serves a vital purpose. It helps your air conditioner function properly and ensures your home in Hampton, VA does not get too hot for the thermostat setting. These three signs can indicate that you have a bad AC sensor and need to have your air conditioner serviced:

Inconsistent Temperatures

When you have a bad sensor in your home’s AC system, you may notice temperature inconsistencies. A faulty sensor cannot measure the temperature of your home’s indoor air accurately.

As a result, it can cause the air conditioner to cycle on and off continuously. Your AC system may also have difficulties maintaining the temperature at which you set the thermostat and need servicing to fix or replace the bad sensor in it.

Constant Cycling

Constant cycling is another indication that you have a bad sensor in your home’s air conditioner. Your air conditioner shouldn’t run constantly. Instead it should turn on and off as needed to maintain the temperature at which you have set the thermostat. If it runs constantly without ever shutting off, you have reason to suspect it has a bad AC sensor and may need immediate fixing to help it function properly again.

Displaced AC Sensor

If your sensor gets displaced inside of the air conditioner, it can malfunction and cause your entire system to stop working properly. When it gets displaced, it cannot read the temperature of the air correctly. It can cause your air conditioner to blow out hot air and signal to you that you need to have your system serviced to put the sensor back in its proper position.

These three signs indicate a bad sensor in your AC system. You can protect the life and function of your home’s air conditioner when you contact Kearney & Sons for AC maintenance and repairs today.

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