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Shopping for a New AC System? Here’s What to Look for


Staying comfortable during warm summer days and maintaining the right temperature at night can improve your life and help you stay healthy. The good news is that there are several new air conditioners available today that are both efficient and green. Read on for tips on how to choose a new AC system for your home in Hampton, Virginia.

Consider the Size Of Your Home

To maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home, choose a central air conditioner. The size of the heating and air conditioning system will depend on your insulation, duct leakage, home air leakage, and whether you have single or double pane windows.

A good alternative that will save you energy is a heat pump. It extracts the heat from the indoor air and releases it outside to cool your house.

Consider Your Current AC System

If you have an existing cooling system, you’ll need to consider the best fit for your ducts and locations. If you’d like to save space and energy, opt for a heat pump that sits on your roof or a ductless cooling system. To avoid cooling your home when you aren’t there, install a Wi-Fi thermostat to monitor AC performance and set the right temperature remotely.

Choose Between a Mobile or Fixed AC System

Mobile AC systems are compact in size. They’re great if you only have to cool one room at a time. If you’d like to cool the entire house, you should get a variable-speed compression central air conditioner, such as the Comfort or Infinity system.

Mobile systems are easier to install, but they’re less efficient when it comes to larger spaces. Fixed central air conditioners are more suitable for the continuous cooling of larger areas.

If you’d like professional advice on choosing your new AC system for your home or commercial property, contact Kearney & Sons to discuss your needs and arrange a free visit. Give us a call at (757) 269-9589 today so you’ll be ready for summer.

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