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3 Reasons to Control Home Humidity in Yorktown, VA

Healthy Home Humidity

Controlling the moisture levels in your home is as crucial as controlling its temperature and airflow. Insufficient moisture in your home can affect the comfort level and the health of the occupants. Here are three reasons you should control the humidity in your Yorktown, VA, home.

Relief From Multiple Health Problems

Keeping your home humidity levels under control can protect you and your family from several health problems. Low humidity levels cause issues with a dry throat, skin and chapped lips. Moreover, it makes your hair frail, dry and brittle.

Uncontrolled humidity levels also trigger allergens and the spread of the flu. When you control indoor humidity levels, you can inactivate most airborne viruses. Such are the conditions favorable for allergic and asthma attacks.

Improve Room Comfort

Uncontrolled room temperatures can make rooms quite uncomfortable. High humidity levels could make the indoors feel stickier and warmer. That’s obviously because high humidity levels cause the evaporation of the moisture in our skin.

If the humidity levels go lower than usual, your skin will feel dry, itchy and scaly. These aren’t feelings you want while relaxing in your home after a tiresome day at work. You can install whole-home dehumidifiers in the summer and humidifiers in the winter to balance the humidity levels in your home throughout the year.

Prevent Against Nasty Odors

Lower moisture levels attract the growth of biological organisms in your home. Most of these organisms could trigger unfavorable odors, making your stay at home unpleasant. Additionally, uncontrolled moisture levels could lead to your home experiencing condensation, crumbly stucco or wet stains.

Most of these issues are challenging to solve and only a professional can do the job perfectly well. Whenever you detect nasty odors or condensation issues in your home, consider hiring an HVAC professional to help you control your home humidity levels.

Whenever you discover condensation issues or the growth of organisms in your home, contact our service technicians at Kearney & Sons for the installation of humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Our team will respond to your needs instantly and ease all your worries.

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