prevent indoor air pollutionIf you assume the air inside your home is fresh and clean, you might be in for an unhappy surprise. According to the U.S. EPA, the air quality in most American homes is a good deal worse than the air outside. This is because modern homes are built much more tightly than in the past, so when polluted air gets inside or is generated inside, it tends to stay there longer.

Polluted interior air can be a serious health hazard, especially to occupants who suffer from allergies or respiratory ailments. Air that carries fumes or odors also can degrade quality of life. These are both good reasons to take steps to prevent indoor air pollution. Fortunately, you can improve indoor air quality and breathe easier and healthier.

Prevent Indoor Air Pollution With These Steps

  1. Remove sources of pollution from your home. These include chemical-based air fresheners and cleaners, products or furniture that emit volatile organic compounds, and pesticides.
  2. Enhanced ventilation. Open windows and doors whenever you can get away with it, and take advantage of window and attic fans. Use bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans to remove dirty air and odors from these areas. Set your HVAC system to “on” or “fan-only” when not heating or cooling, so the system is still circulating air. This does a good job of moving air in and out of stuffy or closed-off rooms.
  3. Control and remove moisture. A humid home, with little fresh air, can lead to unhealthy mold and mildew growth and other problems. Repair leaks in pipes, seal cracks in the foundation, address drainage issues outside, and install a whole-house dehumidifier.
  4. Install carbon monoxide detectors and buy a radon kit at the hardware store. These are potentially life-saving measures.
  5. Clean your house often, to reduce various contaminants, including dust mites, dander, bacteria and mold spores that tend to circulate in the indoor air.
  6.  Replace the air filter in your HVAC system when it gets dirty.

For more advice on how to prevent indoor air pollution in your Hampton area home, please contact us at Kearney & Sons Heating & Air Conditioning. 

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