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Do I Need a New AC Thermostat in Toano, VA?

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You can think of your thermostat as the brain of your home’s air conditioner. Its job is to read indoor temperatures, communicate with your AC system and turn it on and off. To guarantee you aren’t left sweating through a Toano, VA, summer, here are three signs that you may need to replace your AC thermostat:

Incorrect Temperature Readings

This may be the single most obvious indication of a problem with your thermostat. Wrong temperature readings on your thermostat will trigger the operation of your AC system at times when it’s not required. Be aware that inaccurate temperature readings don’t always mean something is wrong with your device. If you bake frequently and keep your thermostat in your kitchen, you may get the wrong general reading for your house even though your device works properly. If your thermostat is in a neutral location and still gives clearly inaccurate readings, you’ll likely need to replace it. Consider opting for a smart thermostat if you still use a manual model to control your air conditioner.

Your AC Cycles Too Frequently

If your AC system turns on and off more than a few times per hour, you may need an air conditioning repair. However, if your AC system is functioning normally and has no debris obstructing it, your thermostat may be the source of the problem. Frayed wiring could cause your thermostat to miscommunicate with your air conditioner and cause excessive cycling. Have a professional inspect your AC system to determine the underlying cause of the problem.

When in Doubt, Call the Pros

A malfunctioning AC system will use energy less efficiently and not keep your home at the correct temperature. It can also cause your energy bills to skyrocket. If you see signs like those described above, call Kearney & Sons and request our air conditioning services, including smart thermostat installations.

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