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How HVAC Efficiency Impacts Employee Performance in Poquoson, VA

Poor HVAC Efficiency In Office

HVAC equipment is essential in regulating the temperature and quality of your business’s indoor air. The higher the efficiency of your system, the more comfort it’ll provide. Therefore, you must take care of it. Here are ways HVAC efficiency can impact employee performance and business operations in Poquoson, VA:


Firstly, an efficient HVAC system filters dirt, debris and other air particulates that may negatively impact your employees’ health. Signs of poor health among employees include eye irritation, cold, flu and coughing. You must ensure that your system is working efficiently to enhance the health of your employees. As a result, it’ll lead to better performance.

Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality reduces the efficiency of employees in the business. Strange odors coming from dirty ductwork may negatively affect the comfort of the staff. Therefore, it’s vital that you invest in air cleaners and purifiers. By doing so, you’ll eliminate odors and improve your employee retention rate.


An efficient HVAC system has proper airflow and distributes heat evenly. Cold and hot spots can affect employee performance. Frequent breakdowns of your system can disrupt normal business operations.

HVAC systems are also responsible for maintaining a relative amount of humidity. Excess moisture in the air encourages the growth of biological contaminants, which may worsen asthma attacks and trigger allergies. An efficient system will promote good health by preventing dry or humid indoor conditions and help reduce the number of sick days your employees take.


Finally, faulty HVAC equipment produces a lot of noise while in operation, which is a big distraction to business operation. Strange noises make employees lose concentration and focus. As a result, it negatively impacts their performance. Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance will ensure that your system is running quietly at peak performance.

Kearney & Sons offers 24-hour air conditioning and heating repair services, and our service technicians are highly qualified to offer exceptional customer service that guarantees 100% satisfaction. Contact us today for all your HVAC maintenance and installation services. By doing so, you’ll help your employees and business thrive.

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