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4 Habits That Lead to Poor Air Quality in Gloucester, VA

Signs Of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Dust buildup and cold and flu symptoms that last year-round are some of the common signs your home has poor air quality. It can also affect your breathing and cause issues in those with certain health conditions. Check out the four bad habits that lead to poor air quality in Gloucester, VA, homes.

Relying on the Same Air Filter

Changing your air filter is a part of any preventive maintenance, but it’s also a step that some skip or forget. Using the same filter for too many months forces your HVAC system to work harder because the air needs to work is way through the dirty filter before it gets to you. Some of the particles stuck to the filter can also loosen and spread to other rooms.

Keeping Windows Closed

Good ventilation and a strong HVAC system improve air quality in your home. Keeping the windows closed during the cooler months and not letting air circulate has a negative impact on your air quality because you’re breathing in the same stale air.

Working With Volatile Organic Compounds

The term volatile organic compounds (VOCs) refers to liquids and solids that produce gases that affect your IAQ. They can include spray paint and hairspray along with air fresheners and some common household cleaners. The compounds release gas that lingers in your home, making breathing difficult.


Cigarette smoke is a major factor that will negatively impact the IAQ in your home. If you or anyone else smokes inside, the smoke will stick to the walls and move through your vents to reach other rooms. Your IAQ is also affected if you spend time around others who smoke, even if they don’t smoke inside.

Today is a good day to quit any bad IAQ habits like smoking or using VOCs around the house. Reach out to Kearney & Sons to see which air quality products will improve your IAQ in Gloucester, VA.

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