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Is Your Furnace’s Blower Motor Causing Your Heating Issues?

Furnace Blower Motor

The blower motor of your HVAC system becomes more likely to fail due to wear as it ages. If your heating system in Mathews, VA, is old or often breaks down, the blower motor may be deteriorating. Here are a few indicators that you need to repair it:

Airflow Problems

Weak airflow from the vents — or none at all — indicates that something is preventing the HVAC system from completing its function. A worn-out motor, defective capacitor or accumulated dirt and dust are the most typical causes of this problem. Contact a reputable heating repair service technician to fix the blower motor if it has a damaged capacitor or is dirty. Otherwise, if there’s no air flowing from the vents, the motor will need replacement.

Exceptionally High Energy Bills

When the blower motor isn’t operating properly, it’ll normally consume more power to function as it should. Also, because it’s the component of your heating system that consumes the most energy, a broken blower will result in significant energy usage. If you do decide to change it, we recommend that you invest in a smart variable-speed type.

Unusual Sounds

Various factors can cause strange noises. Squealing or screeching noises might be due to bearing difficulties or a broken belt. A damaged or loose part may create clanking, pounding or rattling noises. Your heating system should operate quietly, so you need to address any noises emanating from your equipment immediately. Whatever sort of noises your blower motor is generating, switch off the unit and contact a reputable HVAC repair provider right away.

Our service technicians are happy to assist homeowners in Mathews, VA, with blower motor replacements and other heating repairs. Call us at Kearney & Sons for all your HVAC repair and maintenance needs. We’re here to help you stay warm through the holidays and beyond.

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