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Easy Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

Maybe you know how to protect your home during harsh winter weather, but a big challenge is to keep your heating bill low when it’s freezing outside. Once the cold temperatures hit, it’s hard to imagine that anything can reduce your heating bill. Here are some tips that can help you boost your energy savings even when it’s cold outside.

Keep Cold Air Outside

Even when you take care to shut windows and doors, much of the heat inside your home escapes through them. Regularly inspect and replace the weatherstripping, a job that’s easy to do on your own. Temporarily adding plastic film to windows and glass doors can help you save money on your heating bill.

Check Other Areas for Drafts

Most electrical boxes on exterior walls aren’t surrounded by adequate insulation. You can stop warm air from leaking through them by taking off the cover plates and filling gaps surrounding the boxes with latex caulk or foam sealant. Installing a foam gasket designed for outlets, underneath the cover plate, can also result in energy savings. If you have pipes or wires that enter your house through the outer walls, seal any small openings around them with expanding foam.

Use a Space Heater

If your family spends most of the day in the living room, it’s pointless to heat your whole house. Turn down the thermostat and use a portable heater in the room in which everyone congregates. According to Consumer Reports, using a space heater can save you money only if you turn down the heat in the rest of your home. You won’t save money if you are using several space heaters to make up for a poorly functioning heating system, however. Schedule regular preventive maintenance to ensure that your heating system is working efficiently.

It’s not difficult to stay warm in the winter without breaking the bank if you apply these tips. If you have to increase the thermostat settings higher than necessary to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, you may need to repair or replace your heating system. Learn more about how to reduce energy consumption with heating solutions from Kearney & Sons, Inc. Call us today at (757) 269-9589 to speak with a pro or to schedule an appointment.

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