IAQ Suffer While You're Away

The Hampton, Virginia, summer has arrived and with it comes family vacations. While time away is fun and needed, it can bring worries about maintaining indoor air quality for people who have allergies or asthma. Indoor air quality (IAQ) can suffer during times you’re away from home for an extended time. Learn what causes IAQ problems and how to prevent them.

Problems From Poor Ventilation

When you’re headed off for vacation, you probably lock up the house and turn your HVAC system off or up to a higher temperature. While securing your home and saving money on air conditioning makes sense, these actions can also cause lower IAQ. When your home gets sealed tightly, indoor air can become stagnant from lack of circulation. Contaminants such as pollen, dander, and bacteria do not get filtered from the air, which can negatively impact indoor air quality.

High Humidity Issues

Hampton summers can get sticky. Without your home’s air conditioner running or set at its normal  temperature, the air inside your home will become more humid. Higher humidity levels allow dust mites, mildew, viruses, mold, and bacteria to breed.

Concerns Facing Pets

If you leave your dog at home with a sitter or have a friend coming by to check on your cat, your pet will still be shedding and leaving dander behind. Pet dander is light and doesn’t settle. Without your HVAC system properly filtering pet dander from the air, you could face an increase in the level of dander in the home.

Maintain Proper Indoor Air Quality

One of the simplest ways to maintain better IAQ while you’re away is to keep your HVAC system running. No, you don’t have to keep the thermostat at its normal setting, but with the system running, you can keep air circulating consistently throughout your home.

If you decide to turn off your HVAC system, think about using a dehumidifier to keep humidity low. Also, consider leaving ceiling fans on to keep air moving.

Don’t let indoor air quality problems keep you from enjoying your summer vacation. For information on maintaining good IAQ, call Kearney & Sons at 757-269-9589

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