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3 Cost-Saving Benefits of HVAC Maintenance


The HVAC system in your Hampton, Virginia, home helps to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. During the winter and summer months, heating and cooling bills can start to rise substantially. Regular HVAC maintenance can help keep your energy bills under control.

Reduced Operating Costs

During a routine maintenance service, your HVAC service technician will perform a thorough exam of the heating or cooling system to make sure that all components are operating properly. If anything is damaged or not working correctly, the service technician can repair it right away.

If you continue to run your HVAC system with a broken component, the efficiency will typically go down. That means you’ll spend more on the costs to operate it. When you repair problems immediately, your system will operate efficiently, and you’ll spend less in the long run.

Lower Monthly Bills

Another benefit of routine HVAC maintenance is reduced energy waste, which lowers your monthly heating and cooling bills. In older systems, the cost savings can be up to 40 percent when you keep up with the required maintenance.

During the service, your service technician will clean out the chiller tube, remove any blockages in the condenser, check for refrigerant leaks and test the refrigerant level. If any of these issues are present, you could be wasting a portion of the energy used throughout the system. Fixing them will help lessen waste and keep your bills lower.

Fewer Repairs

When your system is properly maintained, the likelihood of needing expensive repairs decreases. As your service technician becomes more familiar with your system through annual maintenance, they can keep an eye on any potential concerns and keep things running smoothly. As a result, your system can operate at peak efficiency. That lessens the risk of a major breakdown that’ll require a costly repair or replacement.

Take advantage of these cost-saving benefits by scheduling a routine HVAC maintenance service with our team of professionals. Contact Kearney & Sons at (757) 269-9589 to schedule your HVAC maintenance service and beat the heat this summer.

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