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Cool Your Home With a Smart, Efficient Heat Pump

Although you might not think of using a  heat pump to cool your Hampton home, this energy-efficient system is a great alternative to traditional systems. In fact, it can reduce the amount of energy you use for cooling and heating by up to 40 percent. And that isn’t the only benefit you and your home will experience.

How Does It Benefit You?

Since heat pumps are best suitable in climates where you have moderate cooling and heating needs, it’s a great option for residents in Hampton, Virginia, and the surrounding areas. One of the first benefits you’ll notice when you reduce the amount of energy you use to cool or heat your home is a lowered energy bill. Considering the average Virginian pays a $156.02 electric bill in February, every kilowatt counts.

In addition to saving money, here are some other benefits you’ll experience when you decide on a heat pump installation:

-Many people prefer the cool and warm air pumps produce because they distribute it evenly around your home. This means there aren’t any cold or hot spots. Also, the cool and warm air isn’t as intense as with traditional forms of heating and cooling.
-Unlike wood burners or gas heating, they don’t produce flames or hot surfaces that can present a possible danger to children and/or pets. You can also safely leave one on while you’re asleep or away from home.

How Does It Benefit Your Home’s HVAC System?

Besides benefitting you and your family, it can also benefit your home’s cooling and heating system. For example, a ground-source heat pump (as opposed to an air-source one) acts as a better dehumidifier than a traditional air conditioner. This improves your system’s efficiency while providing your home with better air quality.

Here are some other benefits it provides:

-Saves space so your HVAC system isn’t taking up too much room
-Reduces condensation in and around the HVAC system
-Adds value to your home as it becomes a more popular mode of cooling and heating

Before deciding on whether to welcome this energy-efficient alternative into your home, contact the HVAC professionals at Kearney & Sons, Inc., for more information about which one is best for you.

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