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3 Causes of a Smelly Boiler in Yorktown, VA

Smelly Boiler

In Yorktown, VA, the fall season signals the start of cooler conditions that means making the most out of your central heating system. Boilers are a reliable and effective way for you to heat your home. However, unpleasant smells from the boiler may signify trouble or complications lurking. Here’s why you might have a smelly boiler:

A Rotten Egg Smell

One common problem with water heaters and boilers is they’re liable to a rotten egg-like smell. While the smell can be disturbing, it’s not a cause for trouble or a sign of damage to your heating system. So, what causes this smell?

The presence of anaerobic bacteria in components made of magnesium and aluminum causes this pungent smell. The components with these materials are the sacrificial anodes and present a great habitat for bacteria to flourish. To counter the rotten egg smell in your boiler or water heater, ensure you routinely replace the sacrificial anodes.

A Gas Smell

Sometimes your boiler may smell strongly of gas. This gas odor is often the result of a leaking boiler releasing liquid propane or natural gas. To ensure you’re smelling gas instead of mistaking the scent, you can perform a gas leak test.

The test consists of checking for a loose gas valve by lightly putting drops of a water-and-soap solution on the valve connection. A leaky valve will cause bubbles to form, indicating that you should tighten up the valve. If the smell still lingers, turn off your boiler and reach out to an HVAC professional immediately.

We recommend that you always maintain your boiler to keep you safe and alleviate risks involving gas leaks. Slow, untraceable gas leaks can cause poisoning or spark fires that cause damages and risk your safety.

A Foul Smell

A rotten smell that doesn’t smell like eggs can be an indicator of dead rodents or birds in your boiler. Your boiler contains spaces or areas accessible by such animals, and during the colder months, they may seek it out for the warmth and shelter it offers. Unfortunately, if the animals die inside and get exposed to the warmth, that can accelerate decomposition and result in a strong, putrid odor.

The above smells should be swiftly attended to because they can cause discomfort. And gas leaks risk your safety. Contact Kearney & Sons for your boiler repair and installation needs. We’ll make sure you don’t have to deal with a smelly boiler for too long.

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