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3 Causes of Poor Airflow and Energy Efficiency in Yorktown, VA

Dusty Vent Decreases Energy Efficiency

Poor airflow and poor energy efficiency in your Yorktown, VA, home or business can be more than just an inconvenience. Unfortunately, these issues can get worse over time and lead to higher energy bills and even health problems. Understanding the root causes of bad airflow and poor energy efficiency is the first step in addressing them effectively.

Clogged Air Filters

When your system filters are dirty or clogged, they become less efficient at allowing air to pass through. This results in your system working harder to maintain your desired temperature, which translates to higher energy consumption. Experts recommend changing or cleaning your air filters every one to three months, depending on usage, as a cost-effective solution to improve airflow and energy efficiency.

Neglecting Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the lifeblood of any efficient HVAC system. Without it, dirt can accumulate on crucial components, hindering their performance. Moreover, neglecting maintenance can lead to a decline in the refrigerant charge, causing your system to work harder to maintain the set temperature.

A lack of lubrication for moving parts can also increase friction, leading to more energy consumption. By regularly scheduling preventive maintenance with a qualified service technician, you can avoid the discomfort of poor airflow and skyrocketing energy bills.

Old Equipment

Your outdated HVAC system may not have the energy-efficient features of newer models. Moreover, older systems are more prone to mechanical issues that can disrupt airflow. Upgrading to a more energy-efficient system can significantly improve your home’s comfort and reduce energy consumption.

For decades, our NATE-certified service technicians have been offering fast, affordable and reliable HVAC services to residents and businesses in Yorktown, VA, and the surrounding communities. Whether you’re dealing with skyrocketing energy bills, poor airflow or any other HVAC issues, our experts are just a call away. Contact Kearney & Sons for reliable and affordable professional HVAC repair services.

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