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4 AC Noises You Can’t Afford to Ignore in Newport News, VA

AC Noises

When those hot days come around, air conditioning in your home will be a big relief. Occasionally, issues occur with an air conditioner, even if they aren’t on the older side. These are AC noises that often align with air conditioning problems you can’t afford to ignore in your Newport News, VA, home:

Rattling From the AC System

When you hear a rattling sound coming from the AC system, it can indicate that parts have come loose, especially in older air conditioners. It also could mean that there’s a loose fan or that the electrical contractor is faulty. Call a service technician to inspect for loose screws and bolts.

Buzzing AC Noises

There are a few things that a buzzing sound can indicate with your AC system. It can mean that your air conditioner has a faulty compressor, there’s damage to the isolation feet, you have loose parts or it’s leaking refrigerant. Once parts become damaged or loose, others begin to work harder, and this causes the buzzing noise.

Squealing From Your AC System

If you hear squealing AC noises, this can mean that your air conditioner has slipped fan or blower bearings that cause the belt system to skip. This particular issue will only happen in older AC systems since newer ones don’t use this belt system. Regardless of your AC system’s drive system, reach out to a professional service technician to address the squealing.

Humming Sounds

If your air conditioner has a defective contactor relay switch, there might be a humming noise coming from it. When this happens at the start of the season after first turning your AC system on, make sure to have a service technician look at the problem before using it. Otherwise, you might have to deal with severe damage and more costly repairs if you attempt to run the air conditioner after you notice the noise.

Ongoing maintenance and repairs are crucial to having an AC system. When you notice strange sounds coming from the AC system, it’s best to call in experts. Reach out to Kearney & Sons for our AC repair services.

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