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4 Ways to Make Your Heater Thankful This Month

While the season for thankfulness is a time for warm celebrations, the weather can be quite chilly in Hampton, Virginia. In fact, the lowest temperature on record for November was 20 degrees in 1955. Your guests and family will appreciate a reliable heating system in the face of such a chill, and your heater will be thankful as you take some preliminary steps to keep it working at its optimum. Following are four ways you can make your heater thankful this season.

Perform Maintenance

Annual heating inspections are important for both household safety and for ensuring optimum performance. A system that’s powered through combustion can contribute to carbon monoxide issues if not maintained. Additionally, an inspection allows your HVAC company to identify parts that are wearing out and in need of replacement. As your system is cleaned and fine-tuned, you can expect it to perform closer to the manufacturer’s efficiency standards, cutting fuel costs and enabling you to enjoy a more comfortable winter. Tune-ups limit your risk of repair problems later on, as well.

Practice Filter Management

Because the filter is out of sight, it can easily be ignored during the heating season. However, dirty filters are notorious for causing performance problems. You might have higher utility bills or frequent cycling problems with your equipment if you don’t make it a point to regularly inspect and change your filter. Start the home heating season by installing a new filter and check monthly for dirt buildup.

Check the Thermostat Settings

Experts recommend that you use 68 degrees as a guideline for winter heating, starting your day with this setting for a comfortable household environment that isn’t too hot or too chilly. You can adjust based on family preferences, of course, but by being consistent, you can keep your energy bills in control while allowing your system to work regularly without excessive stress. Some individuals imagine that leaving the heat off while they’re out of the house is a good way to save money on bills. Unfortunately, this can lead to more stress for the system as it works harder to recover from a major temperature drop. Excessive heating activity can stress your equipment and result in more frequent heating repairs.

Remember About Air Sealing

By sealing leaks in your home, you can reduce the workload for your heating equipment. Windows and doors are particularly notorious for drafts and leaks, and a review of the caulk and weather stripping in these areas is important as you look for deterioration. These issues can be mitigated with some simple and affordable supplies.

Your ducts can also add to the workload for your heater as leaks can cause as much as 40 percent of heating energy to be lost. A duct inspection and leak sealing may be helpful for controlling energy costs while reducing the activity of your heating equipment. The team at Kearney & Sons is available to assist with maintenance and heating repairs at your convenience. We also offer 24/7 emergency service if you are dealing with an urgent situation. Call us for an appointment.

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