Knowing your way around a toolbox can save you money while you’re improving your home. But you should think twice before working on your water heater. Here are a few reasons DIY water heater work in your Newport News, Virginia, home is a bad idea:


The worst-case scenario of improper water heater installation is the possibility of an explosion. If the water heater is over-heating the water and the components that relieve the pressure aren’t doing their job, it’s possible your heater could explode. The pressure relief valve sometimes leaks to relieve this pressure, and some would-be DIYers try to stop the leak. Don’t do this. If you think your water heater is leaking too much, contact a certified professional to take a look.

Gas Line Danger

Working on your own gas lines is never a good idea. Improper installation or repair of a water heater’s gas line can make you and your family sick or worse. Hiring a certified HVAC service technician is always best when it involves gas.

Voided Warranties

If you have a warranty that still covers your water heater, you might void it if you perform your any work yourself. If something needs fixing later and you call in a professional, you’ll void the warranty if they detect faulty DIY water heater work.

Insurance Issues

Many homeowners insurance policies cover water damage to your home. But if you install your water heater yourself, you may have trouble with your insurance. Check to see if your policy requires a licensed professional to install your water heater before you take on the job yourself.

Faulty Water Heaters

Water heaters are an integral part of making a home comfortable and livable. If you try to repair or install your water heater yourself and fail, you’ll be left with cold showers. Additionally, you may cause damage to your system and end up paying a professional that much more to reverse any mistakes.

Bring in the professionals for your water heater projects. Call Kearney & Sons today for professional water heater repairs.

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