Unlike tank-style water heaters that heat and re-heat water constantly, tankless water heaters heat water instantly on demand. A tankless water heater has a couple of benefits over a traditional tank-style water heater. Read on to learn more about why homeowners in Toano, VA, should choose the former for their next installation.

Hot Water On Demand

Tankless water heaters only need to flush the cold water from the faucets to produce an unending stream of hot water. You don’t need a large tank to store hot water as the water heats as it passes through the heater. The heating process is instant, so you never have to wait.

Space-Saving and Longer-Lasting

The tankless water heated doesn’t need a tank. As a result, it saves space. Furthermore, while a tank-style water heater lasts about a decade, a tankless water heater can last twice as long. The lifespan of a tankless water heater saves you the cost of replacing your water heater every decade.

Energy Savings

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a home that uses about 41 gallons of hot water every day can save up to 34% of the energy the conventional tank water heater uses. For homes that use about 86 gallons of water every day, the tankless water heater is up to 14% more efficient than the conventional water heater.

You can increase the energy savings to up to 50% if you install a tankless water heater at every hot water outlet in your home. The efficiency of tankless water heaters is in the fact that they don’t reheat water continuously.

Tax Credits

If you go for Energy Star certified tankless water heaters, you may qualify for up to $300 in tax credits. The tank you choose needs to have a thermal energy efficiency of at least 90%, which some tankless water heaters offer.

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